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Culligan - Bottle Free Water Coolers
78 Auriga Drive
Ottawa, ON, K2E 7X7
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78 Auriga Drive
Ottawa, Ontario


Culligan Bottle Free Coolers. The most economical way to have a near endless supply of delicious drinking water at your office.


Countertop Bottle Free Water Cooler

A sleek and energy-efficient water cooler system designed to bring you the cleanest
water possible.

If you are looking for a small, personal-sized cooler for your office, but don't have anywhere you can fit a large cooler, we have the solution for you. The countertop version can serve the same purpose as a full-sized water cooler, but with the convenience of being able to fit in small spaces. Our state-of-the-art countertop cooler has several premium features including:

  • Push buttons for easy dispensing.
  • Antimicrobial protection on dispensing surfaces.
  • Hot water safety lock to prevent scalding.
  • 1/2 gallon (2 liter) Hot and Cold tank capacity.
  • Exclusive all silver (stainless steel) color.
  • UV light for cold tank sanitization.
  • Electronic controls.
  • Lighted push buttons for dispensing.
  • Hot water at 185º F (85º C).
  • Extra Hot feature boosts temperature to near boiling for brewing tea.
  • Hot water safety feature to prevent accidental dispensing.
  • 9 inch high filling height for pitchers.
  • Large drip/spill tray with optional drain line.
  • Easy to use push buttons for Hot, Cold and Room temperature water.
  • Child-proof safety feature for Hot water.
  • Sleep mode shuts down hot/cold tank over weekends to save energy.
  • Plastic parts that have water contact contain Bio-Cote® to resist biological growth.
  • Hot/Cold/Room water temperature.
  • Meets UL, CUL, and CSA requirements.
  • Included with every unit is an automatic annual service with filter change to ensure the unit is functioning at its prime capability.

Don't waste money on water bottles or a heavy bottle water cooler. Remember, no matter what size of water cooler you choose, bottle free is cooler.

Free Consultation, Inspection, And Installation

Our professional team at Culligan offers free consultations and on-site inspections to ensure your water cooler can fit into the space you desire. In addition, we offer free basic installation.

Call us at (613) 225-9175 to schedule a consultation today!